How to Setup a Home Theatre System

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Setting up a great-sounding home theater is simple. Audioengine put all you need in one box.

How to Setup a Home Theatre System – There’s no shortage of web literature describing exactly how to setup a home theater system—but there is already a way that is beyond easy. Your home theater needs a left and a right speaker with enough power to fill the room and immerse yourself in the movie. The HD6 Wireless Speakers are powered speakers which means they have their own built-in amplifier; there is no need to buy a stereo receiver and you won’t have to bother with a complex setup, keeping it simple.

Nearly as impressive as their sound is the versatility of these speakers. The HD6 Wireless Speakers feature two analog (RCA and mini-stereo) inputs, a built-in Bluetooth receiver, as well as an optical input. This means that even while your HD6’s are wired to your TV, you can still stream music from your phone, computer, or any device. The HD6’s have been equipped with some of the most advanced Bluetooth technology which ensures that you can play great-sounding music from anywhere in your home.

The sweetest part of the deal is that everything you need, even the cables, are included in the box. Audioengine makes setting up your speakers easy so that you can begin listening immediately—with no trips to the electronics store!

Your wireless speakers should look just as pretty as they sound, right? The HD6’s come in black, walnut, and cherry offering a variety of choices to compliment your living room. Audioengine uses furniture-grade wooden veneers which glow with a warm vibrant color in the sunlight.

Audioengine’s HD6 Wireless Speakers are stunning alone—but you’ve still got plenty of spare cash lying around from all those home theater components you don’t need to buy! With a pair of 34” speaker stands you can proudly display your HD6’s for all eyes to see. Since the stands are designed to place the speakers right at optimal listening height, the sound will feel like it’s coming directly from the movie. You could also add the S8 subwoofer at any time to enhance your system with tight and smooth bass. Once connected to your HD6’s with the included cable, you can use the adjustment knobs on the back of the S8 to dial in the perfect amount of bass.

Audioengine offers free shipping and will also cover sales tax. We’re so confident that you’ll love your new HD6 Wireless Speakers that we offer a 30 day audition period including no-hassle returns. What more reason do you need?

How to set up a home audio theatre system

How to set up a simple home theatre system