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  • D3 Review -
    "…the Audioengine D3 produces the best sound of any of the mini-DACs I've heard to date. Highly recommended!"
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  • D1 Review -
    "With sleek looks and a polished form factor, (D1) sits nicely on a desk and offers enough oomph to drive even power-hungry headphones."
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  • D3 Review - CNET
    "Audioengine's Mighty Midget...the D3 is refined, dynamic, and highly transparent, and bass prowess is impressive."
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  • D1 Review - High Fidelity Review
    "If there is anything that an engineer appreciates, it is good, quality execution and the Audioengine's D1 DAC has it in spades."
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  • D3 Review - San Francisco Classical Voice
    "Virtually the same size as the Audioquest DragonFly, it’s just as convenient, sounds better, and plays files up to 24/192."
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  • W3 Review - Soundstage Experience
    "Honest-to-goodness, CD-quality, wireless sound for $149. Simple, inexpensive, functional - both thumbs way up. Nice job, Audioengine."
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  • D3 Review- TUAW
    "If you want the best quality from your digital files, the Audioengine D3 is worth serious consideration."

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  • A2+ Review- Customer PC Review
    "Best Sub-$250 Speakers."

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  • D3 Review - Computer Audiophile
    "Improvements over the Macbook Air headphone amplifier and soundcard were significant, appropriate, but most importantly - noticeable."
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Happy Customers

Four months in and they get better with each listen. Setup: Audioengine A5+ speakers, Audioengine D1 DAC, Rega P3 turntable and MacBook. Great gear. Looking to get a pair of A2s for my new 27inch iMac - Shaun

"The Audioengine 5+ is a superb stereo speaker set that delivers audio in a classic style that is rare these days."
"You're going to be hard-pressed to find a 2.0 system that sounds better for the money and has the 5+'s connectivity options."
"There’s a reason Audioengine has moved from a couple of guys hauling speakers to reviewers across the country to a respected brand"
"Even audiophiles used to the good stuff will dig these speakers, they're that good."
"Rich, detailed, room-filling sound that bests speakers costing twice as much."
"Clearly geared toward accurate music reproduction, the speakers offered remarkable imaging and excellent transparency in my tests, which I performed after 30 hours of burn-in..."
"These superb speakers hold the number 12 position in our Top 100 list."
"A5+ makes Gizmodo's Favorites List!"