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Stereophile Magazine’s Audioengine Review

Stereophile Magazine's Audioengine Review

At last year's RMAF, I was able to hear Audioengine's newly released HD3 wireless speakers

Posted on: Thursday October 12, 2017

Stereophile Magazine’s Review

At last year’s RMAF, I was able to hear Audioengine’s newly released HD3 wireless speakers ($399). But a year ago, I was a bit dumber than I am now, so I didn’t have as good of a grasp on the term “affordable” and I noted in my 2016 show report that it wasn’t the best bang-for-buck wireless desktop speaker under $500. I was pretty dumb back then, huh? They’re quite incredible for their price, and they’re now available in white!

At the other end of the room sat a pair of HD3s and a pair of HD6s ($749/pair), reminding me that an affordable-gear company like Audioengine can peacefully coexist with the cost-no-object giants of hi-fi—even if it’s just for a few days.

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