B2 Wireless Speaker System

B2 Wireless Speaker System

The B2 is a premium powered speaker with high-fidelity stereo sound that connects to your music in seconds from any app or device. An all-in-one mini music system with high-definition Bluetooth wireless for your home.


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Tech Specs

  • bluetooth
    Advanced Bluetooth Wireless
  • Silk Dome Tweeters
    Silk Tweeters & Aramid Fiber Woofers
  • Aux Audio Input
  • Detachable Magnetic Grill
    Detachable Magnetic Grill
  • All-In-One Simplicity
B2 Wireless Speaker

As a standalone Bluetooth speaker, the B2 is the perfect mini-music system that seamlessly works with all your apps, music, and devices.

Tidal, Spotify, Pandora…all your favorite streaming apps play instantly.

No matter how you listen, the B2 Wireless Smart Speaker has you covered.



Easy setup, connects in seconds
No network setup, no passwords, no hassle
Superior sound and extended wireless range

B2 Wireless Speaker
Audioengine B2 Wireless Speaker

The B2 Wireless Speaker is a compact, single speaker system that packs a big enough sound to fill most rooms. No network setup, passwords to enter, or buttons to push. Setting them up is so easy you’ll be rocking in no time.

Keep your music fun, easy, and sounding great.

B2 Wireless Speaker



Clear, full and powerful audio that fills most rooms, the B2 Wireless Speaker is constructed with custom Audioengine components: aramid fiber woofers, silk tweeters, high-fidelity Premium Bluetooth aptX, and built-in power amps wrapped in precision tuned, hand-crafted cabinets.

Perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and patio.

Audioengine B2 Wireless Speaker

Audioengine wireless speakers are special. Their built-in traditional analog power amplifiers sound incredible compared to lower-cost digital amps found in other mass-produced brands.

A whole new music experience, guaranteed.

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B2 wireless speaker what's in the box

Questions & Answers

  • Question:

    How easy is it to set up the Audioengine B2?

    1. Connect the power cable to B2 rear panel and plug into an AC outlet.

    2. Turn on the power switch and B2 will automatically go into pair mode.

    3. On your device, turn on Bluetooth and select “Audioengine B2” to pair and connect.

    4. Play your music. Setup is really this easy.

  • Question:

    Since the B2 has multiple inputs, can I connect my phone via Bluetooth and also connect my computer to the aux input on the rear panel?


    Yes, you can have two sources connected at the same time with no need to flip any switches. Simply play audio from the source you wish to hear through the B2.

  • Question:

    What if my source doesn't support aptX? Can I still use the B2 and if so, how will it sound?


    You can absolutely still use the B2 and it will sound great. AptX is a high-quality Bluetooth audio codec that works really well. In addition to mandatory support for SBC, Bluetooth also includes optional support for many other codecs, like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and AAC, all of which have their own advantages, and some of which sound very close to AptX.

  • Question:

    Can I use a Turntable with the B2? Will I need to purchase a phono preamp or can I simply connect the turntable directly to the B2 analog audio input?


    You can absolutely use a turntable with the B2. Some turntables will need a preamp before being connected and others are OK, therefore it is best to try your turntable without the preamp first to see how it operates.

  • Question:

    What does the white indicator light on the B2 rear panel mean?

    • If it's on and solid, this means the B2 is powered on, and currently connected to a Bluetooth-enabled device.
    • If it's on and blinking, this means the B2 is powered on but not currently connected to a device.
    • If it's off (and B2 is powered on), this means Bluetooth is in standby and not connected to a device. The B2, however, is still visible to your device, so simply connect using your device and it will automatically wake up.
  • Question:

    Is the B2 designed only for use with Bluetooth devices?


    There is an auxiliary input on the rear panel so you can directly connect any product with an audio output.

  • Question:

    Will the B2’s wireless range work between more than one room inside my house?


    The overall range you can expect will vary depending on the device you use with the B2. We tested using mostly a variety of smartphones though, and found 30 to 40 feet to be a realistic expectation through one or two walls and 100ft or more in an open space.

  • Question:

    Do I need to install any special software apps or drivers for the B2?


    No extra software or drivers are needed. The B2 is compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth, and the A2DP profile for streaming stereo audio. This includes most smartphones, tablets, and computers.

  • Question:

    Will my music have a delay through the B2 if I’m watching a movie or music video?


    Bluetooth has a delay of about 30ms (milliseconds) so you can watch videos from Youtube, for example, and stream out the audio through B1 to your stereo system without any noticeable lag between the video and audio.

  • Question:

    Can I use a subwoofer with the B2?


    The B2 was designed to be a sort of stand-alone Bluetooth speaker and is able to receive Bluetooth data and also has a mini-stereo input; because of this, it doesn't have any outputs to connect to the S8.  Since the B2 does have an analog input, if the subwoofer has both inputs and outputs you could connect your source to the Subwoofer's input, and then use a cable to connect it's output to the mini-stereo input of the B2. It's important to note that doing so would only work for the wired input going to the subwoofer, and not for Bluetooth audio streamed directly to the B2.

  • Question:

    If B2 is paired and connected to my phone, do I need to do anything else to play music?


    Once your B2 is paired and connected then any app (iTunes, Amarra, etc.) - or online players such as Youtube - it will automatically play your music through Bluetooth.

  • Question:

    Can I use my computer speakers and the B2 at the same time?


    If you have a Mac running snow leopard or later, you can create a multiple output device to accomplish this. See the link below for how-to instructions on Apple’s site:


  • Question:

    Can the B2 work in both 110-120v and 220-240v areas?


    Absolutely! The B2 can be used in either 110-120v or 220-240v areas without flipping any switches, modding your B2, or using a power converter. If you're moving to an area with a different plug type than what came standard with your B2, we wouldn't recommend using an adapter and would suggest trying to find another AC cord for your B2 that have the correct plugs.  The B2 uses a non-polarized 2-pin IEC 320 C7 power cord, so you should be able to find one locally with the correct plug for your area.

  • Question:

    Why does the B2 have the volume control on the rear panel?


    The goal was to make the smallest speakers possible with the largest sound and the front port slot takes up all the extra space on the front panel so no room for a volume knob. Most people set the B2 volume and then control the overall volume with their music source (computer, phone, TV, etc.).

  • Question:

    Is the B2 compatible with TIDAL music streaming service?


    The short answer is yes! You can use TIDAL on any compatible source device (PC, Mac, iPhone Android, etc.). The B2 is compatible with most all of these devices as well since they almost universally also include Bluetooth.

  • Question:

    OK, so If I can use the B2 with TIDAL, how come you're not listed on TIDALs website?


    From what we understand the devices listed on TIDAL’s website are network media servers with the TIDAL app already installed on their operating systems, that’s all. No difference in audio quality or anything else as compared to their downloadable app, just that TIDAL comes pre-installed on those devices. The only notable exception is that if you're listening to TIDAL on a computer, the only web browser that supports the full audio quality is Google Chrome.

  • Question:

    When I connect a turntable to my B2, why is the volume extremely low?


    Some turntables may not have a built-in preamp and you would need to add an external phono preamp to bring the instrument level signal of the turntable to line-level. Some turntables may have a built-in preamp but have a switch on the back for either "line" or "phono," such as the Music Hall USB-1 or the Audio Technica AT-LP120; the switch would need to be selected to "line" in order to work directly with the speakers.


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