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512 Portable Speaker

512 Portable Speaker

The 512 portable wireless Bluetooth speaker has excellent sound, long-range wireless, and impressive battery life. Stream all your favorite music from any device.


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Tech Specs

  • bluetooth
    Advanced Bluetooth Wireless
  • Aux Audio Input
  • Streams any audio from any media player
    Streams any audio from any media player
  • battery icon
    Up to 12-hour battery life
  • Simple set up speakers
    Fast and easy setup
loud bluetooth speaker portable

Don’t let its size fool you as this tiny portable speaker is packed with much more sound than you would expect.
Created by a company with deep roots in audiophile design, the 512 is surprisingly powerful and was made to reproduce sound better than any portable speaker of its size.



Fast and easy setup
Wireless range up to 100 ft (30m)
Up to 12 hours music playing time
Aux audio input
Custom full-range transducers
Passive bass radiator
USB charge cable included

512 portable bluetooth speaker
512 portable speakers

The 512 Portable Bluetooth Speaker gives you Audioengine’s trademark sound with an impressive battery life, up to 12 hours, using a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that charges fast. Stream from all your favorite music services, apps, and devices all day long!

Audioengine portable speaker



A portable speaker for your home, workspace or outdoor adventures needs more than pure, clear sound; it also needs to have an impressive Bluetooth range to keep all your tunes going strong. And the 512 delivers with long-range wireless, up to 100 feet!

loud bluetooth speaker

The 512 has a warm and inspiring voice, surprising imaging and a very large soundstage. Yep, sounds strange to write about things like soundstage and imaging with a little mouse speaker, but we wanted to bring something special to the portable speaker market.

Tight, firm bass, solid midrange, and clean, singing highs are what we worked for and we know you’ll agree the 512 is more than just the typical battery-powered Bluetooth speaker.

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Questions & Answers

  • Question:

    How can I tell how much charge my 512 has?


    On the top of the 512, there are three lights that tell you how much charge the 512’s battery has. When the 512 needs to be charged (only 1 of the lights will be lit), there is a rapid succession of 5 electronic beeps or bongs that will interrupt the music before resuming it to let you know that the battery is low. It will repeat this sound periodically until it is plugged in to charge.

  • Question:

    Can I use a subwoofer with the 512?


    The 512 was designed to be a stand-alone Bluetooth speaker and also has a mini-stereo input; because of this, it doesn't have any outputs to connect to a powered subwoofer, such as the S8.

  • Question:

    Can I pair 2 of the 512 speakers together as a left and right stereo setup with 1 source?


    The 512 is not designed to function as a pair, however, depending on what source you use this may be possible! We have tested pairing some Android phones  with 2 of the 512s by selecting "dual audio" in the Bluetooth settings on the phone. Some phones/sources will allow you to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at once by doing this.

  • Question:

    512 Troubleshooting Tips


    The following troubleshooting tips can help diagnose and correct most concerns with the 512. We have attempted to make this list as comprehensive as possible, so some of these may not apply to your issue, but please go through each tip. If the problem persists, please send an email to support@audioengineusa.com including your full name, serial number, purchase information (when and where), as well as your shipping address. It is also important to include the results of each step rather than just whether or not the troubleshooting resolved the issue.

    If the power button on the 512 is not illuminated, then try these tips:

    • Make sure the 512 is charged. If not, you’ll need to connect the 512 to an external USB AC adapter with the supplied USB cable.
    • Press and hold the power button on the top of the 512 until you hear the power-on notification

    512 troubleshooting tips – Bluetooth

    • If you haven’t already, power-cycle your speaker by turning it off and back on.
    • Be sure to test your 512 using the Aux input instead of Bluetooth.
    • If your 512 is already connected to a device via Bluetooth, the Bluetooth Pair light on the top of the speaker will be on and solid. To disconnect a device that is currently connected to the speaker, press and hold the Pairing button on the top until you hear the “pair mode” notification.
    • Check to make sure your source device (computer, tablet, phone, etc) and all audio apps are running the most up-to-date version of software available
    • Try playing audio from more than one application on your phone/tablet, or computer.
    • Try disconnecting from and forgetting the 512 through your device’s Bluetooth settings and then re-pair to the 512.
    • Try using a different device with your 512 to see if the issue follows.
    • If possible, try your 512 in a different location to see if something is causing an issue in the current setup. Something as simple as a wireless internet router, cordless or mobile phone, or halogen lamp near the speakers may be causing interference in your setup.

    If you are experiencing an audio-related issue using the Aux input, try these tips:

    • Check to see if the Aux button on the top of the 512 is illuminated. If not, press the Aux button.
    • Check that the cables from your audio sources to the speaker are properly connected. Confirm this by unplugging the audio cables and then reconnecting.
    • Verify that the volume control on the top of the speaker is not turned all the way down.
    • Make sure the volume is up on your media players, internet radio, master control, device volume, etc. and that the balance control is centered.
    • Decrease the volume of the input audio source and increase the volume of the 512 speaker.
    • Try using different audio input sources and/or devices to see if the problem follows.
    • If your input source has its own EQ (equalizer), please make sure the low end is at a moderate level as having too much bass in your signal can cause distortion.
    • Move your speaker to a different location to see if something is causing interference in the current setup. Something as simple as a wireless internet router, cordless or mobile phone, or halogen lamp near the speaker can cause interference.
  • Question:

    Can I turn Bluetooth off?


    When you power one of our Bluetooth products on, they will be available to connect to for just a few minutes. Although you cannot turn the Bluetooth off manually, if nothing pairs or connects within that first few minutes, Bluetooth will automatically turn off.  You would then just have to press the pairing button (or power the unit off and on again) to turn the Bluetooth back on when you're ready to pair or connect again.

  • Question:

    Why do I hear my phone's notifications over Bluetooth?


    A Bluetooth connection works just like a wired connection, so you'll hear any sounds from your device that would normally play when using headphones, for example. The speakers' job is to project whatever sounds are being fed to them, which means when there are sounds you do not want your speakers to play, you have to manage it from the device that is making the sound. Most phone users will manage this by putting their ringer and notifications on silent mode, or if your device has the ability, choosing to play those sounds through the internal speakers rather than the the Bluetooth speakers.

  • Question:

    Is it possible with the 512 to play music and charge the battery at the same time?


    Yes! The charger plugs into a micro USB charging port, leaving the aux input or Bluetooth open for use at the same time!

  • Question:

    Is my 512 water-resistant?


    No, but for good reason! This is something we struggled with when developing the 512. Our engineers choose materials based on what will provide a high quality sound, and using water-resistant materials would have a negative effect on that. It was a tough decision to make, but if we have to compromise on something, sound quality is not going to be it!

  • Question:

    Are Audioengine products compatible with Bluetooth 5.0?


    Yes! We incorporate all the relevant functions and features from Bluetooth 5.0 that apply to our products! These features include; extended range, low latency (so that video and audio sync properly), as well as higher level aptX-HD, aptX, and AAC codecs (with the exception of our 512 portable speaker which supports SBC only). Keep in mind that the capability of the source is what controls the Bluetooth experience.

  • Question:

    How easy is it to set up the Audioengine 512?

    • Press and hold the power button to turn on the speaker; the 512 will automatically go into pair mode.
    • On your source device, turn on Bluetooth and select “Audioengine 512” to pair and connect.
    • Play your music. Setup really is this easy!
  • Question:

    What does the button with the Bluetooth icon mean?


    The Bluetooth icon button controls the speaker’s pair mode and also acts as an indicator. When the button is flashing, the speaker is currently in pair mode and open to connect to a device. If the button is solid, it means a device is currently connected to the speaker. In order to disconnect a device from the speaker, you can press and hold the button until you hear the notification that the speaker is in pair mode.

  • Question:

    Does the 512 only work via Bluetooth?


    Nope! The 512 features an analog input so you can connect your audio source to the speaker using a standard mini-stereo cable.

  • Question:

    Do I need to install any special software apps or drivers for the 512?


    No extra software or drivers are needed. The 512 is compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth, and the A2DP profile for streaming stereo audio. This includes most smartphones, tablets, and computers.

  • Question:

    Can I control the volume through the volume controls of my source device?


    Yes, you can control the volume from the audio source itself as well as the volume buttons on the top of 512.

  • Question:

    How long does the 512’s battery last once charged?


    While battery life will depend somewhat on the volume you're using the 512 at, typical battery life of the 512 is up to 12 hours.

  • Question:

    Will the battery in my 512 drain faster if I use the mini jack input VS Bluetooth?


    The battery won't necessarily drain faster, but the 512 will not go into it's "idle" mode while the mini jack is plugged in. This means the connection will stay active even if nothing is playing, so the battery is better preserved when using Bluetooth.

  • Question:

    What does it mean if my 512 won't play music while it's charging?


    The LED in the power button will remain lit when the 512 is charging, but this does not mean it is powered on. If the light is on but there is no playback, press and hold the power button and you will hear it power on, then you'll see the Bluetooth LED turn blue to indicate it is ready to connect.


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