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P4 Passive Speakers (Refurbished)

P4 Passive Speakers (Refurbished)

The P4 Passive Speakers are perfect for stereo receivers, integrated amps, and tube amplifiers.

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Tech Specs

  • Receiver / Amplifier ready
    Receiver / Amplifier ready
  • speakers with Kevlar Woofers
    Aramid Fiber Woofers
  • Silk Dome Tweeters
    Silk Dome Tweeters
  • Front-ported
P4 Passive Speakers
Audioengine sound, your amplifier.

P4 Passive Speakers allow you to enjoy award winning Audioengine sound with your existing integrated amplifier or stereo receiver.



2-way passive, front-ported design
Hand-built cabinets
Silk dome tweeters & aramid fiber woofers

Passive Speakers
P4 Passive Speakers Bamboo

The P4 passive speakers are full-sounding bookshelf speakers in a satellite speaker size.

The goal with P4 was to design a small but powerful bookshelf speaker for people that already have surround receivers or amplifiers and are looking for the same Audioengine sound and quality in a passive loudspeaker.

P4 Passive Speakers Satin Black



The P4 passive speakers are perfect for digital hybrid amplifiers as well as stereo receivers, integrated amps, and tube amplifiers. The P4 has a 4 ohm impedance rating but will sound great when connected to any receiver or integrated power amplifier with 4, 6, or 8 ohm speaker output impedance.

P4 Passive Speakers Hi-Gloss White

Audioengine powered and passive speaker models both share a similar sound and tuning so you are assured our Signature Sound regardless of which model you choose.

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Questions & Answers

  • Question:

    The P4 is rated at 4 ohms but my receiver has speaker outputs listed as 8 ohms. Will the P4's work with my receiver?


    The lower the speaker impedance, the more current (amperage) your amp or receiver will need to provide, but most separate power amps have more than a sufficient power supply and power amp sections for driving 4 ohm loads with ease. In fact many amps will perform better with a 4 ohm load as opposed to 8 ohms if their design is robust enough to supply the extra current. A quick web search will bring up more information on this subject.

  • Question:

    Is it true that speaker placement really can make a difference in sound quality?


    There are different theories, but rooms and tastes are different so it's tough to specify a "correct" placement. We suggest you experiment with different locations to see what works for you. As a general rule of thumb for the best sound stage balance, the speakers should be equidistant from side walls and a different distance from rear walls. Our front-ported speakers (such as the A2+, A2+ Wireless, HD3, and P4 speakers) do not need any rear panel clearance for better bass but recommend keeping them a few inches from the rear wall for adequate ventilation.

  • Question:

    Can I use the P4 passive speakers with the Audioengine S8 sub?


    To use the P4 speakers with the S8 you would need an amp, like our N22, to supply power to the P4 speakers and connect to the S8.

  • Question:

    Why don't the P4 speakers have built in amplifiers similar to the A2 and A5 active systems?


    The P4 came about from requests from customers that already have our powered speakers and/or have a music system and needed speakers but wanted the same Audioengine sound from a passive speaker.

  • Question:

    Is the bamboo version a veneer and does the P4 bamboo version sound better than the black or white finished cabinets?


    The P4 enclosure is made of solid carbonized bamboo, not a veneer. The bamboo cabinets were tuned to sound the same as the MDF speakers, but the density of bamboo will give it natural acoustic advantages over MDF material.

  • Question:

    What amplifiers work best with the P4?


    The P4 is a very efficient speaker and designed to work well with digital hybrid amplifiers (Class-D, Class-T, etc.) as well as most stereo receivers, integrated amps, tube amplifiers, and whole-house music systems such as the Sonos ZonePlayer 120. Check out our N22 amp for a great setup!

  • Question:

    Do Audioengine speakers come with speaker grills?


    Our woofers are made of aramid fiber and the tweeter domes are silk. Both of these materials are very robust and can handle quite a bit, therefore we decided against grill covers as they tend to negatively color the sound. Even though our speakers do not have grills they are still cat and kid-friendly!

  • Question:

    How do I connect bare speaker wire to my speakers?


    Connecting the speaker wire

    1. Use your thumb and finger to unscrew the connectors.

    2. Insert each speaker wire into the holes on the side of connectors.

    3. Retighten the connectors with your fingers.

    4. The bare portion of the wire should be secured firmly in each connector.

    Repeat the procedure to connect the other end of the speaker wire to the other speaker. Check to make sure none of the speaker wire strands have come in contact with a nearby connector.

    As the A2+ speakers have the power amplifiers built inside, do not connect the speaker terminals to the speaker outputs of a stereo receiver.

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Satin Black, Hi-Gloss White, Natural Bamboo

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