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Home Speaker Setup the Wife Approves

Most men who love good sounding audio have been in a situation where the thought of sneaking in a newly-acquired speaker system into the house through the window to avoid an argument has crossed their minds (maybe more times than they would like to admit).

It’s hard to justify large speaker systems and when looking for a home speaker setup the wife approves of, it can be really daunting.

We’re fairly confident, though, that we at Audioengine have the right speakers for the job and can provide a great sounding home speaker setup that the wife approves of.

One concern that pops up is how the speakers would look in certain areas of the house, such as the living room. You carefully select flooring, paint and furniture for your home and adding giant bulky speakers all around the TV doesn’t generally flow with her design plans. He wants the big awesome sound system and she wants everything to look amazing. We hear endless reports of this situation on our Facebook page. Never fear, we have designed our speaker systems with everyone in mind. One thing that we offer are  furniture-grade solid wood veneer cabinets, which you can find on our HD6 Wireless Speakers and HD3 Wireless Speakers models in both cherry and walnut. Cabinet options like this match really well in areas with wooden furniture and add a touch of class to your room. We also offer our A5+ Wireless Speakers in a solid bamboo cabinet option, which look really slick, if we do say so ourselves.

Home Speaker System the Wife Approves Of

Our speakers are really easy to set up. All of our powered speakers have line level analog connections, so they can be easily used with anything from computers to turntable setups, typically using only a single cable. Speakers like our HD6s even have an optical input, so they can easily be connected to your television and beef up your TV’s audio. We even have speakers that feature built-in Bluetooth receivers, so your significant other can easily connect their phone or tablet to the speakers and stream their favorite music directly to the speakers, making it incredibly useful whether as background music for lounging around the house on a weekend afternoon or impromptu sing-a-longs at parties.

Audioengine speakers are capable of pumping out great audio without taking up a lot of real estate. Many high end speaker systems tend to take up a lot of room and can be hard to blend in. Our biggest speakers, the HD6 Wireless Speakers and A5+ Wireless Speakers, are standard bookshelf speakers, so they can easily be tucked away and out of sight, but still pack a punch. We also offer desktop speakers, such as the HD3 Wireless Speakers and A2+ Powered Speakers, which not only work great while listening to your music at a desk, but also work great in smaller rooms.

Finding a home speaker setup the wife approves of can be a hard sell, but we’re pretty sure our products work (and look!) so good, that it shouldn’t take *that* much persuasion.



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