Google Home vs. Audioengine B2 – You decide.

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Google Home vs. Audioengine B2 – Let’s face it, devices like the Google Home are cool. You can just use your voice alone to do almost anything. Have you ever thought there could be more there? Well, while this kind of technology is pretty neat, there is something missing: Good Sound. So are you curious to compare the Google Home vs. Audioengine B2? So were we. When comparing the Google Home vs. Audioengine B2, the most important thing to consider is the difference in sound. While the Google Home doesn’t sound terrible, it does leave something to be desired. Compared to our Audioengine B2Wireless Speaker, it lacks the fullness that the B2 has. That isn’t surprising since the B2 features drivers and …

5 Reasons Music in the Classroom is Important

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Teaching the Children Well- 5 Reasons Music in the Classroom is Important   5 Reasons music in the classroom is important – Music is a powerful tool- it makes us move, plays with your heartstrings, and connects people. Ultimately, you love music because it simply makes you feel good, and just like how the music you grew up with is dear to you, the music your children grow up around can be as well. We here at Audioengine believe that music is a fundamental foundation for children as well as young adults. Here are five reasons why music in the classroom is a necessary part of your child’s education:   Music brings technology into the classroom. Children today are growing …


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BLUETOOTH MUSIC RECEIVER – HOW TO RECYCLE OLD RECEIVERS Do you still have your old receiver from college tucked away in your closet that managed to survive countless admonishes from the wife to “throw that piece of junk out”? Or maybe you’ve gotten your hands on a vintage receiver passed down from your parents and want to make use in your listening space with your new/modern devices? AV receivers can still offer a lot in an audio setup, such as adding a number of inputs to your system and can even feature a phono input so you can have an easy hook-up for your turntable. So naturally, you might be curious about how it can fit into you’re more modern …

How to Setup a Home Theatre System

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Setting up a great-sounding home theater is simple. Audioengine put all you need in one box. How to Setup a Home Theatre System – There’s no shortage of web literature describing exactly how to setup a home theater system—but there is already a way that is beyond easy. Your home theater needs a left and a right speaker with enough power to fill the room and immerse yourself in the movie. The HD6 Wireless Speakers are powered speakers which means they have their own built-in amplifier; there is no need to buy a stereo receiver and you won’t have to bother with a complex setup, keeping it simple. Nearly as impressive as their sound is the versatility of these speakers. The … Said What About the HD6?

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STEREOPHILE SAID WHAT ABOUT THE HD6? “The Audioengine HD6 powered loudspeaker ($749/pair), which features both analog (phono) and digital inputs (DAC) and (to my ears) is a genuine high-end audiophile product. These were coupled to a U-turn Orbit Special turntable ($529, w/cartridge). I am old and can remember the day when you had to spend at least $5K to get a system this good. Incidentally, the $1000 digital system made up for the analog system’s overcharge by featuring only the $749 Audioengine HD6 and my own iPhone. Rock me, baby—I love it.” – Thank you, Stereophile, for the kind words and your honest feedback.

Stereophile Magazine’s Review

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stereophile magazine’s review At last year’s RMAF, I was able to hear Audioengine’s newly released HD3 wireless speakers ($399). But a year ago, I was a bit dumber than I am now, so I didn’t have as good of a grasp on the term “affordable” and I noted in my 2016 show report that it wasn’t the best bang-for-buck wireless desktop speaker under $500. I was pretty dumb back then, huh? They’re quite incredible for their price, and they’re now available in white! At the other end of the room sat a pair of HD3s and a pair of HD6s ($749/pair), reminding me that an affordable-gear company like Audioengine can peacefully coexist with the cost-no-object giants of hi-fi—even if it’s …


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This B2 Wireless bluetooth speaker (value $225) from Audioengine will change the way you listen to music forever. We understand that it’s tough to be introduced to something so amazing and not have it, so we created ways for you to greatly increase your odds of winning by 180%. Check out some of the options after you register. The odds are now in your favor, you too can win the B2 wireless speaker.

Audioengine, The Best of the Best

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It doesn’t happen very often that a respected publication like PCMag puts together a list of the very best speakers in the world, and then discovers that one company makes two of the top nine. But that’s exactly what happened in 2016: our A5+ Powered Speakers and A2+ Powered Desktop Speakers were selected as two of the very best speakers they listened to and tested. We’re very proud of the A5+ and A2+; we worked hard to make them just right. So it feels good when we get such great news from publications like PC Mag. But PCMag isn’t the only publication doling out the accolades! For a complete list, check out the reviews section of each of our products’ …

HD6 Reviewed in The Absolute Sound

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Since its release at CES 2016, the Audioengine HD6 has received a lot of praise. From CNET to Digital Audio Review to Metal-Fi, the reviews have all been positive. But it’s praise from within the established audiophile crowd that we appreciate the most. That’s why we just had to share this review from The Absolute Sound: For any audio company, making the leap from the desktop to the listening room is not the simple, slam-dunk proposition it might appear to be. The goals are often at odds with each other and require different skill and feature sets. The desktop experience is more intimate and personal, while the listening room is more inclusive and often shared. Audioengine, however, is not just …

A2+ and U-Turn Audio’s Orbit: A Perfect Pair

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Audioengine’s A2+ speakers provide dynamic sound at a great price. Their compact size and 15W per side of power makes the A2+ a good choice for small and medium-sized rooms. U-Turn’s Orbit turntable brings a level of performance usually found in turntable two or three times the price. Combining these two great products creates a perfect all-in-one vinyl rig that is easy to setup and use, and is sure to impress. Let’s get this system set up and playing music. First, find a spot for your turntable that is isolated from your speakers. In this case, we used a small wooden table and a pair of speaker stands. Separating the speakers from the turntable stops vibrations from feeding back into …

Audioengine’s B2 Bluetooth Speaker – It’s Just Better

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The audio quality of most Bluetooth speakers usually isn’t very inspiring. And with so many of them on the market, why would you buy ours? Well, when we set out to engineer a standalone Bluetooth speaker, we started with our award-winning A2+ Powered Desktop Speakers. Like A2+, our B2 Bluetooth Speaker is handcrafted out of wood. Finished in Walnut, Zebrawood, or Black Ash, its acoustically isolated cabinet with dual front port slots bring warmth and extended, natural bass. It’s driven by an old school class A/B integrated power amplifier that drives its kevlar woofers and silk tweeters, which are protected by a custom removeable front grill attached by neodymium magnets. Everything about B2 screams high-end. On the inside, B2 uses …

Making a Great Vinyl Rig with Audioengine A2+ Desktop Speakers

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I want to show you how to put together a great vinyl rig using our A2+ Powered Desktop Speakers. So I decided to go down to my favorite record shop, The Audio Nerd, to show you how easy it is. I’ve chosen to use this Music Hall USB-1 turntable because it has a built-in phono preamp. All I do is chose “line out” on the back of the turntable, then I connect it to my pair of A2+ speakers using the supplied RCA cables. Now I power up the A2+’s and the turntable, and I go and find a great record to spin. That’s all there is to it! This entire system costs about 500 bucks and sound fantastic.

Using Audioengine HD6 with 4th Gen Apple TV and S8

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Our HD6 Premium Powered Speakers feature built-in amplifiers and several inputs including aptX® Bluetooth with an incredible 100’ range. HD6 isn’t just another great-sounding pair of Audioengine powered speakers, but a complete audio system. Here’s how to use HD6 to turn your 4th Generation Apple TV into a powerful home entertainment system. First, make sure your HD6’s are powered up and are ready to pair. Next, go into your Apple TV’s settings and choose Remotes and Devices. Then click on Bluetooth. Under Other Devices, you’ll see Audioengine HD6. Click on that. Apple TV will pair with your speakers and will send the audio signal directly to HD6. If you want a more floor-shaking movie experience, connect an S8 Powered Subwoofer …

What is a DAC? Using Audioengine D1 with A5+

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DAC stands for Digital to Analog Converter. Sometimes people call them Digital Audio Converters, too. DAC’s are inside almost any device that holds or receives a digital file and has to convert it into sound. Our ears can’t actually hear digital music. It has to be converted into analog sine waves that speakers can play first. Your computer, your phone, your TV; all of these and more have DAC’s. Not very good DAC’s, but they have them. That’s why we make external DAC amplifiers. Think of them as high definition external sound cards. Using an Audioengine DAC is extremely easy. In this video, we show you use our D1 DAC Amplifier with an iMac and our A5+ Premium Powered Speakers.

W3 Wireless Audio Adapter: An Unsung Hero

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It’s fair to say we’re known primarily as a powered speaker company. But if you look in our Store, you’ll find that we have twice as many products that fall outside the powered speaker category than those that fall within it. One of those products is the W3 Wireless Audio Adapter. Using our W3 Wireless Audio Adapter couldn’t be easier. It turns any powered speaker into a wireless one, and can even be used as a source into your stereo receiver or preamp. Check out the video to see how to use W3 to effectively convert our A2+ or A5+ powered speakers into wireless speakers. To purchase a W3 Wireless Audio Adapter set, please visit our Store or your local …

The Easy Way to Get Multi-room Sound with Bluetooth

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Ever wanted to create a multi-room sound system using your Audioengine Bluetooth speakers? Well, Mac users have a good reason to be happy because multi-zone audio is built-in to OS X! Here’s how you do it. OS X will list all of the Bluetooth devices in range. To pair with any or all of the available Bluetooth devices, click on the pair button next to each device’s name. Once you’re inside your sound preferences, you will see “Multi-Output Device” listed under the “Output” tab. Select it, and you’re all set to enjoy your music all throughout your house.

Bluetooth: The Right Choice for Wireless Audio

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In this article we’ll explain why we focus on Bluetooth as our go-to technology for wireless audio. We’ll also discuss the steps taken to ensure the Bluetooth sound you hear through Audioengine products is the best it can possibly be, as well as being competitive with other wireless audio products on the market. Over the years, we’ve evaluated and considered every wireless audio technology available, but Bluetooth really is the only one that’s instantly compatible with everything. It works with every smartphone, tablet, and computer. Bluetooth also works with every music streaming service and with every audio-capable app on your devices. It’s available in more products from more brands than anyone could possibly count.