Do animals like music?

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Do animals like music?

Do animals like music? Some may think that our fur-covered companions don’t necessarily like music. After all, music was made for our enjoyment and can use lyrics, which animals obviously can’t understand, so there would seem to be little reason for them to enjoy music. But what if our pets actually do enjoy music? Sounds crazy, right?

Believe it or not, studies have shown that animals actually like music; they’re even able to make music of their own. A Boston University study has noted that birds and whales make music in a similar way to how humans compose music and a separate study has shown that the tempo of music had an effect on the amount of milk produced by cows. Here’s a short video for more information (links to these studies are provided in the video’s description box):

So since animals actually like music, what kind of music does your pet like to rock out to?

Unfortunately, those looks of judgement your cat gives you every time you play Celine Dion might actually be a look of disdain. Research has found that cats don’t seem to enjoy the music us humans listen to. So what have scientists done? They’ve developed “cat music” that was created based upon theories of what sounds cats would like; when played, cats seem to show an interest towards this music. If you’re curious as to what this music sounds like, it’s been uploaded to Soundcloud here:

Dogs, on the other hand, are more forgiving than cats are when it comes to our musical tastes; in fact, they probably enjoy our music as much as we do. Studies have shown that dogs seem to have similar reactions of human music as we do. Classical music seems to calm them, while Metal agitates them and causes them to bark. Spotify even has a playlist created just for dogs. Have you also noticed that your dog will start to howl when you start singing? It isn’t because they hate your voice; the sound of music actually taps into this sort of primal instinct left over from their wolf ancestors. So next time, just think your dog is joining along (even if you are off key)!

So whether you’re cranking up Bach, special cat music or having a campfire sing-along, you can rest assured that your pet enjoys music just as much as you do, even if their taste in music doesn’t quite mesh up with yours.

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