Google Home vs. Audioengine B2 – You decide.

Melissa Davis Blog

Google Home vs. Audioengine B2 – Let’s face it, devices like the Google Home are cool. You can just use your voice alone to do almost anything. Have you ever thought there could be more there? Well, while this kind of technology is pretty neat, there is something missing: Good Sound. So are you curious to compare the Google Home vs. Audioengine B2? So were we.

When comparing the Google Home vs. Audioengine B2, the most important thing to consider is the difference in sound. While the Google Home doesn’t sound terrible, it does leave something to be desired. Compared to our Audioengine B2Wireless Speaker, it lacks the fullness that the B2 has. That isn’t surprising since the B2 features drivers and tweeters dedicated to pumping out great sounding music. On top of that, the B2’s cabinet has been tuned to sound as good as we could possibly make it.
While sound is the most important factor to consider, head-ache free set-up can play a huge role. Since the B2 Wireless Speaker relies on Bluetooth, set-up is a breeze. No accounts to create and sign into- just connect and you’re good to go. Since the B2 interfaces with your device’s Bluetooth module, it’s all controlled from the device’s Bluetooth settings, so pretty much any Bluetooth capable device can be used with it, even the Amazon Echo. Also, unlike the Google Home, any audio can play through the B2.
Seriously. Any.
So when assessing the Google Home vs. Audioengine B2, it seems fairly obvious what the choice is for those who want great audio with little effort. I mean after all, easy sounds great!