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Audioengine, The Best of the Best

It doesn’t happen very often that a respected publication like PCMag puts together a list of the very best speakers in the world, and then discovers that one company makes two of the top nine. But that’s exactly what happened in 2016: our A5+ Powered Speakers and A2+ Powered Desktop Speakers were selected as two of the very best speakers they listened to and tested.

We’re very proud of the A5+ and A2+; we worked hard to make them just right. So it feels good when we get such great news from publications like PC Mag. But PCMag isn’t the only publication doling out the accolades! For a complete list, check out the reviews section of each of our products’ pages on our website.

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“Overall, the speakers are definitely getting a 10/10 & I would highly recommend purchasing them.”

“Easily one of the best deals in high-end audio, the A2+ powered speakers are simply incredible.”