A2+ and U-Turn Audio’s Orbit: A Perfect Pair

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Audioengine’s A2+ speakers provide dynamic sound at a great price. Their compact size and 15W per side of power makes the A2+ a good choice for small and medium-sized rooms.

U-Turn’s Orbit turntable brings a level of performance usually found in turntable two or three times the price. Combining these two great products creates a perfect all-in-one vinyl rig that is easy to setup and use, and is sure to impress.

Let’s get this system set up and playing music.

First, find a spot for your turntable that is isolated from your speakers. In this case, we used a small wooden table and a pair of speaker stands. Separating the speakers from the turntable stops vibrations from feeding back into the delicate stylus on your turntable’s tonearm.

Next connect your Orbit turntable to your Audioengine A2+ speakers using a pair of supplied RCA cables. Be sure you connect the red cable to the red output of the turntable and the red input of the speaker.

In this case, our Orbit turntable has a built-in phono preamp, so we just connect the turntable directly to the speakers. Some turntables come with external phono preamp. But hooking it all up is done in the same way. Follow your specific turntable’s setup instructions.

Next, connect the A2’s left speaker to the right one using the supplied speaker cables. You don’t want to invert the signal’s polarity, so connect the silver cable to the red binding posts and the copper cable to the black ones.

Now power up the gear. Go ahead and plug in the speakers and the turntable and turn them on.

The last thing you need to do is find a record, give it a spin, and enjoy!

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