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Why should I only buy from an authorized reseller?

Audioengine resellers have been chosen for their ability to properly represent and sell our products. Unfortunately, Audioengine products are sometimes sold by companies that are not authorized. Often these goods are damaged, defective, used, or stolen and most unauthorized resellers do not offer any service after the sale. Audioengine's warranty is valid only on products sold by authorized resellers.

If you have any doubt if a reseller is authorized or not, give us a call or send an email:
(877) 853-4447

View a list of known unauthorized resellers.
"The Audioengine 5+ is a superb stereo speaker set that delivers audio in a classic style that is rare these days."
"You're going to be hard-pressed to find a 2.0 system that sounds better for the money and has the 5+'s connectivity options."
"There’s a reason Audioengine has moved from a couple of guys hauling speakers to reviewers across the country to a respected brand"
"Even audiophiles used to the good stuff will dig these speakers, they're that good."
"Rich, detailed, room-filling sound that bests speakers costing twice as much."
"Clearly geared toward accurate music reproduction, the speakers offered remarkable imaging and excellent transparency in my tests, which I performed after 30 hours of burn-in..."
"These superb speakers hold the number 12 position in our Top 100 list."
"A5+ makes Gizmodo's Favorites List!"